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Groundbreaking New Study on Leptin reveals: Inflammation is the name of the game when it comes to Alzheimer’s (from Dec 2009)


A brand new study from December 2009 seems to supports the belief of many Alzheimer scientists that Alzheimer's is a disease of inflammation.

This study was a research made on Leptin.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that high levels of leptin are associated with lower rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The 12-year study found that people with the lowest leptin levels were approximately four times more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease than people with the highest levels.

This means that leptin has a protective role in the brain and may even be a contributing factor to memory.


What is leptin and what does it do?

Leptin is a hormone (made primarily in fat cells) that regulates the way your body uses energy. Your appetite, your metabolism, and whether or not you store fat on your body all are affected by leptin.

 As you begin to store fat, leptin is released, signaling you to eat less.

    * If you starve yourself, your body produces less leptin, so you have less control to stop eating.
    * If you eat too much and become overweight, it sets up inflammation in your body, and you become leptin-resistant – which also means you have less control to stop eating.


...and the reason for leptin resistance is...INFLAMMATION!

There is another recent study that looked at obesity and dementia over the course of 36 years and found three times the risk of developing dementia if you were obese! And the bigger your waistline, the bigger the risk!


So what does this mean to you?

The best way to increase and maintain your leptin levels is to avoid the root cause of leptin resistance: inflammation.

Or, if you are already leptin resistant you can fight it while you fight your inflammation.

Chronic inflammation prevents leptin from crossing the blood-brain barrier. That means leptin has no communication with the part of the brain that controls weight gain and cognitive function. This lack of communication in the brain is what sets up obesity and dementia.

You can find this new and groundbreaking study of (JAMA) The Journal of the American Medical Association here!


How to fight your leptin resistance or inflammation?

There is an easy way to battle leptin resistance on a daily basis - your food intake!

Eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods and your leptin resistance becomes less and less - so will become your inflammation and Alzheimer’s.

Like with insulin resistance (Bloodsugar) you don't become leptin resistant in a short time -  both resistances develop over the years. In time, your body gives up fighting against the abnormal circumstances and becomes "resistant".

So we recommend that you start eating anti-inflammatory foods whenever you can.

This new study again shows the overwhelming evidence that Alzheimer’s is an inflammatory disorder of the brain and that an Anti-inflammatory medicine is your best option. An Anti-Inflammatory medicine can also speed up things dramatically with your leptin resistance.

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