OCW for Alzheimer's


The OCW - Old-Clear-Wise Product


OCW - Old-Clear-Wise was developed to meet the specific demands emanating from the Nun Study.  A powerful anti-inflammatory medicine was required, one which worked above all in the area of the brain and nevertheless had no side-effects.  OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is such a medicine.

OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is composed of the following herbs:

Each capsule contains:

Caulis Millettiae
Moghania Philippinensis
Rosabella Laevigata
Tinospora Sinensis
Siegesbokia Pubescens
Ardisia Gigantifolia Stapf
Speranskia Tuberlulata
Homalomena Occulta
Lycopodium Clavalum
Clematis Chinensis Osbeck

200 mg
100 mg
100 mg
100 mg
150 mg
100 mg
100 mg
50 mg
50 mg
50 mg


OCW - Old-Clear-Wise's mixture of herbs has proved in various clinical tests that it has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, above all in the head area and thus also in the brain.  For example, inflammations of the ear, gums, nostrils and throat were brought to a standstill in a short time in 392 of 400 subjects, while the inflammations in people in the placebo group did not change or even worsened.

In Alzheimer's patients who took OCW - Old-Clear-Wise for more than four months the following conclusion could be reached:  Most positive changes occurred after taking it for four months, both in the behaviour of the patients and in their memory capacity.

We point out once again that OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is not a medication to be taken for one or two months- it is a medication that has to be taken for a long-term if it is to produce any effect.

Please consider that Alzheimer's is not a disease that you caught quickly.  Rather, it was a slow and creeping process.  The calming of an inflammation in the brain is likewise a long and slow process.  Be patient.  OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is- considering the results of the Nun Study- the best there is at the present time..

We are confident that the pharmaceutical industry will, one day in the distant future, bring a medication similar to OCW - Old-Clear-Wise onto the market- in chemical form, of course, and with plenty of side-effects.  Whether this will have a better anti-inflammatory effect than OCW - Old-Clear-Wise remains to be seen.  We can be sure, however, that it could be years, if not decades, before such a medicine is available.  You however, as a patient affected by Alzheimer's, cannot afford to lose time waiting for such a medication..

Act now, aware of your responsibilities and in your own interest, for as you can gather from the video of the Nun Study, the pharmaceutical industry is pursuing quite different interests.

Take OCW - Old-Clear-Wise now on your own responsibility- you have already been aware of the modest effect of the so-called plaques medications prescribed by your doctor for a long time.

Take these plaques medications nevertheless, but together with OCW - Old-Clear-Wise since, as you know from the Nun Study, plaques are in fact responsible for about 10% of your illness, and you want to fight this 10% too.

OCW - Old-Clear-Wise can be taken with these medicines without problems.