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OCW - Old-Clear-Wise customer comments

Imagine there was a medicine for Alzheimer's that actually protected against the disease and had a noticeable effect in cases of the disease.  Too good to be true?  With OCW - Old-Clear-Wise you have found a medicine that stands out from all plaques medications on the market.

How far the disease has progressed is irrelevant- OCW - Old-Clear-Wise can be taken at any and every stage in the course of the disease.

OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is certainly the best news on Alzheimer's, and a genuine prospect in the fight against the disease.

How should OCW - Old-Clear-Wise be taken:

If you have Alzheimer's in your family then it is recommended to take one capsule a day as a preventative measure.  If the disease is already advanced, we recommend taking 2 OCW - Old-Clear-Wise capsules a day in addition to the medicines prescribed by your doctor against plaques.  In medium to severe cases of Alzheimer's 3 capsules should be taken daily.

OCW works in the brain area and should be taken continuously for at least 4-6 months.

Is long-term use also without side-effects?

OCW - Old-Clear-Wise is completely safe and absolutely without side-effects, regardless of how long you take the medicine for.

Below we have brought together as number of customer comments on OCW - Old-Clear-Wise.  These comments come from Internet forums.  They are testimonials from people who have already taken OCW - Old-Clear-Wise and have passed on their opinion over the Internet.

The number attached to each person is the actual server address of the person who made the comment.  You can also view the name and the date and even the time of day at which the comment was made.  Most of the comments are in English, however, since our first OCW - Old-Clear-Wise website first appeared on the English-language Internet.  Rather than translate them into German we prefer to give them to you in the original




Real comments from real people who have expressed their experiences in an Internet forum:


Well... guess what I found earlier today: OCW - Old-Clear-Wise pills. Yep, I found it on some online discussion forum and EVERYONE there was raving about it.

Brought this up over lunch just a few minutes ago with the familia de horreur and my sister told me she is going to buy it. In fact, some of her friends even use it and they think its terrific.

Have you tried these OCW - Old-Clear-Wise pills?


where did u buy ur OCW - Old-Clear-Wise? ive read about it in another forum. They say it’s a very different approach and new hope for Alzheimer’s.


Altina: ( Good afternoon, my name is Altina, I have a question: my father has used OCW - Old-Clear-Wise for 2 months now and i am very happy because I think it helps him. Where to buy them in swiss?


Posted by: bryan | June 11, 2008 at 11:18 AM

hey bryan you will love OCW - Old-Clear-Wise its super effective not to mention its affordable....


Calveta Lombard: ("these pills have done wonders for my mother"


Posted by: edd.d | June 10, 2008 at 08:12 PM

hey brian! yeah it's very effective. they took it for 4 months and its like he recalls things better now.


Shawn: ( ..." my doctor has recommended them - have been sending me to buy them...i have not seen them sold anywhere else...ive checked all the Internet but only one company  have ocw pills.. no side effects."


Soraya v Waterham: ( - Fri Jun 29 07:49:31 2008 "I bought it for my grandpa and I am happy I did.”


Posted by: jel | October 29, 2008 at 01:07 AM

hey guys.my dad is currently using ocw pills for two months now. He feels better. According to the instruction, u hav 2 take it long time and drink lots of water and eat loads of fruits and veggies. i think it's really working.


Posted by: NiCeLy | June 26, 2008 at 07:13 AM

I've bought it back when i was in that Alzheimer discussion group. Everyone was keen about it.


Posted by: bianx | June 10, 2008 at 07:17 PM

Oh my gawd. I wanna buy these pills, too.


Calvin: ( - Wed Jul 18 22:24:58 2008 "I live in San Francisco California and couldnt find that pill here anywhere... Anyways, a cousin of mine used it for 3 months and it seems to help. she only takes the pills in the morning and at bedtime. They say she can remember things now - things she always forgot before.


( "i am so happy with the Old Clear pills - I got it from the site above. they got the best friendly customer service and fastest shipping ever. and their pills rocks! im so happy I bought it."


Angie freeman: ( - "please tell me where and how to buy the ocw pills." Does amazon have it?


Altina: ( "guten tag ich bin altina ich habe eine frage mein Vater benütze OCW - Old-Clear-Wise seit 2 monate und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Es geht ihm in 2 monaten besser aber ich brauche noch 5 Pack. Wie bekomme ich das? Ich möchte sehr gerne noch bestellen. Bitte sagen sie mir wie bekomme ich sie? besten dank altina bajrami CH 8953 dietikon, schweiz.


Roland F.: ( “ die sollen ab demnächst auch eine deutsche website haben…dann kann man dort bestellen. Habe zum ersten Mal letztes Jahr als ich inUSA war, darüber in der Zeitung gelesen und paar Packungen mitgebracht.

Altina: ( "warum kann das unsere Pharmacy nicht machen – ich war sehr entäuscht, als ich den Nonnenfilm gesegen habe. Die haben nur ihren Profit vor Augen, sonst nix. Aber zum Glueck gibt es ja nun OCW - Old-Clear-Wise.

Roland F.: ( “ ich nehme OCW - Old-Clear-Wise vorbeugend – meine Mutter und meine Schwester haben beide Alzheimer und ich habe wohl auch eines der beiden Alzheimer-Gene. Das ist es mir wert, weniger als1 Euro am Tag. Ich werde OCW - Old-Clear-Wise für immer nehmen.