Today's medical establishment is widely divided over the root cause of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer patients do receive expensive medications for Alzheimer's, which are supposed to fight plaques in the brain. Even the manufacturers of those plaques medications admit, that they cannot help a lot. 

Nun Study - What is It?

The nun study was conducted in the late 1990’s. by Prof. David Snowdon, a scientist from the University of  Kentucky, USA..

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Nun Study Results

The nun study has proven, that plaques cannot be the main reason for Alzheimer's disease. Many nuns who had a clear mind were found to have plaques all over.

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Alzheimer's Scientists

Scientists who are convinced, that Alzheimer's is a disease of inflammation.  Prof. Pat McGeer has found Microglia. They only exist when there is inflammation.

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Charite Berlin cancelled vaccination

The Charite Berlin was eager to find a vaccine against Plaques, when the TV station WDR was asking about the Nun Study. The interview had been cancelled.

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No Alzheimer's in Rheumatic Clinics

Pat McGeer is convinced: those who take anti-inflammatories will not get Alzheimer's. He is on the phone with large Rheumatic Clinics.

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OCW for Alzheimer's

OCW is a strong anti-inflammatory on a 100% natural basis. Thus it can also be taken for a long period of time. No adverse effects.

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