Prof. Pat McGeer  finds out, that the reason for Alzheimer's is an inflammation

Prof. Pat McGeer managed to prove for the first time that an inflammatory illness is the main cause of Alzheimer's. The medical community is turned on its head overnight! 


Microglia all over the place

Pat McGeer has used  another color tracer than as he usually would to detect plaques in the brains  of mice. To his surprise, he discovered cells that looked like cells that were  inflamed. He found microglia, which only are present when there is an inflammation. For him there is no doubt that Alzheimer's is actually a  disease of inflammation. 

Basically no Alzheimer's in Rheumatic Clinics

If an inflammation is the cause of Alzheimer's, then rheumatism patients, who take powerful anti-inflammatory medicines, ought to be spared by the disease. Pat McGeer calls many large rheumatism clinics worldwide and asks about rheumatism patients who, in the course of their illness, also contracted Alzheimer's.  Result: There were as good as no cases of dementia in rheumatism clinics. 

Pat McGeer demanded an anti-inflammatory Mediction

Pat McGeer contacted the pharmaceutical industry in order to produce a suitable medication but all his requests were turned down. The pharmaceutical industry were not interested in producing a medication like that.  According  to him, they are not willing to invest money in anything other than  medications against plaques, since those medications have been patented and they are highly profitable. 

What kind of Anti Inflammatory would that be?

The findings of Prof. Pat McGeer wwre spread through the medical community like a shock-wave. Were we all on the wrong path with these plaques medications, all of the time? And furthermore, what kind of anti-inflammatory would be advised to take?             Common anti-inflammatories have strong side-effects: we know that anti-rheumatism medications have side-effects. There must be a way to ensure that a new medication is side-effect free, since for Alzheimer's it must be taken on a long-term basis.  

OCW is such an anti-inflammatory. It is pure herbal and has no side-effects.