Results from the Nun Study

The nun study has proven once and for all that plaques plays only a minor role in the development of Alzheimer's disease.  There must be something else that triggers the disease. 


Prof. Thomas Bayer

Thomas Bayer is convinced: Plaques are not the real cause of Alzheimer's disease. Deposits are recognizable in the cells themselves- these lead to cell-death and finally to dementia. 

Experiments with Mice in Göttingen

In Germany at the University  of Gottingen, scientists have mixed a strong anti-inflammatory medicine among the food of  Alzheimer mice. The results showed, that these mice in time had diminished  Alzheimer symptoms and changed their behavior towards normal. Is it possible,  that a strong anti- inflammatory medicine reverses Alzheimer's in  time - at least in mice? 

Only 10% results from Plaques

Thomas Bayer is convinced, that plaques is only 10% responsible and the other 90% must be an inflammation.