Charite Clinic in Berlin searched for a vaccine against plaques 

Despite improved knowledge and the latest insights from the Nun Study, experiments were run at the Charite Clinic in Berlin to develop a vaccine against plaques. When Matthias Riepe, head of the Charite Clinic, was asked in a TV interview why people should be vaccinated against plaques when the Nun Study had clearly proved that plaques were not the real cause of Alzheimer's disease. The broadcast of the TV interview was forbidden.


A Fax

 In fact, a fax had been submitted by the Wyeth company (a pharmaceutical firm which produces and sells Alzheimer's medication!) stating that: Any comments concerning the Nun Study by the Charite Clinic may be made only with the prior agreement of the Wyeth Company.

Millions of Alzheimer's patients worldwide 

In the US there are at present millions of people suffering from Alzheimer's.   They have a right for the results gained from the Nun Study be taken seriously and applied in an effective medication.  

One Solution: OCW-Old-Clear-Wise 

OCW  - Old-Clear-Wise is a very effective  anti-inflammatory agent on a pure herbal basis.  Ordinary  anti-inflammatory medications have quite a number of side-effects, especially  when administered on a long-term basis.